eXtreme Socks (Crew)

eXtreme Socks (Crew)
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The human foot is one of natures most amazing achievements. Just think of all that is going on while you are standing there on the flight line. You are one of the only creatures in the world that can balance on two legs. You can move and feel every movement as your fingers move the control sticks, you can sense the aircraft talking to you.

When you think about it, high performance flying requires a lot of standing and you need to be on your toes and comfortable in order to do all of those radical maneuvers properly. Both of your high performance feet need to be on the ground, agile and ready to move. You need to be able to feel the excitement!

With our new and very high performance eXtreme socks you will be on top of your game. Other pilots on the flight line will be wondering just how you are so cool and calm while inverted just inches off the deck or hovering right in front of your face.

eXtreme socks are built just for atlantahobby.com. These are not produced in some overseas sweatshop but right here in the USA. The plant that produces these for us produces some of the finest footwear in the world and if you were to visit high end shops on Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills you could expect to pay $30 or more for a pair of really high quality socks like these (just ask my wife).

There are two styles of eXtreme socks to choose from in three different colors with one size fitting all. With a colorful Aircraft and logo embrodered on each side you will be in comfort and in style! Stock up now and each time you go to the field you will feel the difference and your flying will show it!
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