Himax HG2015-5466 Brushless Geared, 110 Watt

Himax HG2015-5466 Brushless Geared, 110 Watt
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SKU: 100001472
Part #: HG2015-5466
MFG: Himax
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  • Direct upgrade for GWS 300/350 & GWS400 gear motors,
  • Use HG2015 to replace 280 & 370 type motors,
  • Use HG2025 to replace 370, 400, & 480 type motors,
  • Aluminum gear housing – no more broken gear housing,
  • Built-in cooling fins – no more overheated motors,
  • 10mm x 10mm mounting box – fits most planes designed with GWS gearboxes,
  • 6.6:1 gears installed, 5.3:1 & 4.4:1 gears included – flexible power management,
  • Dual Ball Bearings with hardened shaft – efficient and durable operation,
  • Aluminum prop adapter included,
  • Completely assembled – Plug & Play!

  • How to pick the right gear motor?
    First look at the motor suggested by the plane manufacturer.
    • Use HG2015 series, if the plane calls for 280, 370 type gear motor, GWS100/300/350 series gear motor, or B20S type brushless motor.
    • Use HG2025 series, if the plane calls for 370, 380, 400, 480 type gear motor, GWS350/400 series gear motor, or B20L type brushless motor.

    What if I already know the weight of my plane?
    If you already know the weight of your plane, here are some quick guidelines to select the right gear motor.
    • 3-D Aerobatic Airplanes – doing a lot of hovering – the thrust should be about 150% of the take off gross weight. For example, if the gross weight of the plane is 10 oz, you need about 15 oz of thrust to ensure optimum performance.
    • High Performance Aerobatic Airplanes – the thrust can be between 75% and 100% of the take off gross weight. For example, if the gross weight of the plane is 10 oz, your thrust needs range between 7.5oz and 10 oz. You have plenty of room to tailor your thrust weight ratio. Use higher thrust for performance and lower thrust for duration.
    • Sport Airplanes – 50% thrust to weight ratio will give you good flight performance and duration.

    Really? Only 50%?
    Yes, the thrust to weight ratio of Boeing 747 is around 35%. It is the lift – generated by forward speed – that suspends the airplane in the air.

    What about gear ratio?
    Himax gear motors come with 6.6:1 gear set installed. This is probably the most common one to use. However, we also include the 5.3:1 and 4.4:1 gear sets for you to swap. Installation is very simple. Use the performance guide (click here to see it) and play with the propeller combination to select the optimum setup for your plane.

    Can I use a different propeller?
    Of course you can. Just make sure you follow the power rating so you do not push the motor beyond its rated power limit.
    Click to see which prop will work best for your motor Gear ratio combo that is optimum setup for your plan. Use the performance guide (click here to see a PDF file in a new window).

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