Hyperion EOS 720i Super Duo
7S 16N ChargerDual 20A/500W 14S

Hyperion EOS 720i Super Duo<br>7S 16N ChargerDual 20A/500W 14S
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SKU: 100010287
Part #: HP-EOS720DUO
UPC: 4895148406151
MFG: Hyperion
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Hyperion EOS 0720I Super Duo 7S 16N Charger - Dual 20A/500W 14S SYNC MODE

If you are into big electric radio control models, be it fixed wing, boats or the rapidly growing 600e heli-class then the Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo 7S 16N Charger is definately for you.

A brand-new power supply technology is boosting the charging power to 500W on each of two charging outputs with a total output of 1000W from a DC input power source of 24 or more volts. Of course you can still operate the EOS 0720i Super Duo on the typical 12V also but with less overall wattage.

Main Features:
  • Hyperion is already known as a world-wide leader in advanced battery chargers, and continues to push development forward. The newest 0720i Super Duo charger provides a wide feature set, and unmatched power to suit 6C-chargeable batteries like the new Hyperion G3 Lipo. And with built-in USB ports and supplied cables, you'll be able to install new firmware updates for added features and performance, as they become available.

  • The latest 12-bit balancer circuits are built into the EOS 0720I Super Duo and deeply integrated into the operation modes of the charger. These balancers are a vital safety measure that monitors the entire charging process from the time you connect the pack until your order is carried out.

  • The EOS 0720I Super Duo is sporting all the features you have come to expect and rely on from Hyperion chargers; StoreMode, TCS-charging, lots of memory slots (actually an infinite number via the free software that allows you super-easy charger management), and all the information you could ever need.

  • A 500W 7S dual charger at this price - and at this renowned quality - sounds like a calculation mistake. It is not - it is progression, innovation and dedication delivered to you by Hyperion!
  • Built-in Hyperion LBA10/300 Balancers with 300mA max balance rate per cell.
  • 12-bit Resolution Balance Circuits for max accuracy.
  • STORE MODE for LiPo, LiFe, and LiIo allows fast and simple charge/discharge to 60%~70% capacity for proper storage of Lithium Batteries = long battery life.
  • CYCLE MODE for Lipo, Life, LiIo, NiCd, and NiMH.
  • Built-In DISCHARGE function.
  • TCS - Terminal Capacity Selection during charge to speed charge and/or increase battery Cycle Life.
  • TVC – Terminal Voltage Control for LiPo, LiFe, and PB.
  • Rich Data Displays via LCD display during and after charging and balancing.
  • USB PC Port for Firmware upgrades, and PC Control & Data.
  • Suite Software System, which allows full control of the charger via PC, Data Logging, Memory Management, and more.
  • Temperature Sensor Ports & Temp Stop settings. (Temp sensors available separately.)
  • Power Supply Amperage Control to allow reliable charging with lower-output power supplies.
  • Power Supply Voltage Control works in concert with Amperage control to insure the charger does not overload your variable power supply.
  • Adjustable Power Sharing % between Outputs (DUO) when low-output power supply is in use.
  • Input Cable with 4mm Male Connectors + Clamps.
  • Output Cable Set(s) Included, with 4mm Connectors.
  • Integral, Thermostat-Controlled Cooling Fans.
  • 16-Character, Yellow Backlit LCD Data Display(s). Highly visible in all conditions.
  • 20 User-definable Memory Positions per port (40 total for DUO series). Unlimited Storage and upload of memory sets via EOS SUITE software.
Charger Output Ports: 2
Max Watts Output per port w/DC Input: 500W (1000W total)
Max Watts Output per port w/AC Input: N/A
DC Input required for max watts output: 24V+
Max Current Output (A) per port: 20A
Discharge Watts Limit per port: 40W
Discharge Current (A) Limit per port: 5A
DC Input Voltage Range: 10.5V - 29V
AC>DC PS for Max Watts Output: 14.5V+, 1300W+
Lead-Acid DC Input Suggested: 24V Deep-Cycle
Max Lipo/LiFe/LiIo “S” per port: 7
Max Lipo/LiFe/LiIo “S” via SYNC MODE: 14
Max PB (lead-acid) Cells per port: 12
Max NiCd/NiMH Cells per port: 16
Built-In USB with included cable: Yes
Charger Control/Editing via PC Software: EOS Suite
Charge Logging/Tagging via Software: EOS Suite
Firmware Upgradable: Yes
Temp Sensor Port (sensor is option): Yes
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