M100XF 1oz (Hi Performance)

M100XF 1oz  (Hi Performance)
M100XF 1oz  (Hi Performance)
M100XF 1oz  (Hi Performance)
M100XF 1oz  (Hi Performance)
M100XF 1oz  (Hi Performance)
M100XF 1oz  (Hi Performance)
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M100XF High Performance ARF CA

is the result of nearly 2 years of lab work by Mercury chemists. This work has resulted in a formulation that is among the fastest, strongest and highest quality ever available. M100XF is formulated with Mercury proprietary ingredients that make it a great choice for tough-to-bond substrates. M100XF has a viscosity rating of 100 cps and sets in 5 to 15 seconds.

This product is from the Ethyl family of CA with a few proprietary additives included to increase speed and strength. M100XF is 100cps in viscosity but still has very good wetting-out qualities when applied to a joint; it will not wick into the joint but will soak into to the joint and surrounding wood to make a very strong bond. M100XF can be used by either applying to one surface before positioning or it can be applied to the joint after the parts are positioned. With these properties, M100XF is a great adhesive for using over the existing joints in ARF aircraft where a good once over is needed before the first flight.

Another strong attribute is it’s low vapor properties. While it is not a low odor product like M100F or M1000F, we have noticed during the many hours of testing that M100XF does not produce the same amount of vapors as the standard Ethyl grade CA.

One of the best uses for this product is on poplar plywood, also known as Lite-ply. We have also found it works great when sheeting with balsa or working with any tough to bond surfaces.

The reason this product works so good on the poplar plywood is due to the high alkaline content of poplar. Alkaline is a neutralizer to cyanoacrylate, which will prevent the product from reacting with the moisture in the wood; in this case an accelerator would be used to promote the curing process. The accelerator will cure the CA but will produce a more brittle joint, the very thing we want to avoid when gluing plywood.

Based on extensive testing this product is a great choice for assembling ARF models. Because of the extensive use of poplar plywood in these models, most manufacturers use a PVA (polyvinylacetate) type of glue. This glue is an air-drying adhesive that cures by solvent evaporation. Simply put, when the water that carries the adhesive to the joint evaporates, the adhesive that has spread into the joint's grain and crevices dries and forms a flexible, mechanical bond. These types of products are heavy, slow and do not possess the strength of CA.

With the excellent wetting-out capabilities of M100XF, you can go over the joints on your new ARF and be assured the glue joints are solid. You can also use this product during the many assembly and gluing steps required to complete the model.

APPLICATIONS: High performance bonding of close-fitting parts including: plastics, rubbers, metal, wood, leather, fabric and composites to themselves or in various combinations.

USEFUL HINTS/NOTES: Bond time is extremely fast, align parts prior to assembly. Also for locking parts that are pre-assembled.

Click here to go to the Mercury website for more info about M100XF High Performance ARF CA.

Mercury Adhesives - A Complete Line of CA Products
The founders of Mercury Adhesives recognize that quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to deciding which CA you'll choose for building, improving or repairing your models. Mercury is proud that their adhesives and processes are accredited ISO9001-2000 and QS9000. These standards and level of quality allow all Mercury products to carry an unconditional 2 year warranty.

It's not just a better CA! - It's a better bottle!
Mercury Adhesive's exclusive "Pin in Cap" bottle top screws on and off instead of the usual push-pull. This assures a smooth never clog operation and a tight seal preserving freshness.

How many times have you been frustrated, fed up or just plain mad that the stem on your glue bottle is clogged or that you have to take a pair of pliers to get the top off only to find the glue inside has already hardened up?

The bottle top Mercury has designed is clever and actually screws on and off instead of the usual push on and pull off. This assures a smooth operation and a good tight seal keeping the adhesive fresh, and helping prevent spills. The Mercury bottle cap is also scientifically engineered in such a way to help prevent clogging.

This remarkable cap is actually two caps in one to preserve freshness and is designed with a pin built right into the top of the cap. This pin gets inserted into the bottle's tip when the cap is screwed down. No more clogged tips!

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