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If you are new to working with us, Atlantahobby.com and our sister companies UAV Experts, Atlantahobbynews.com and Groundschool.com has been in business since 1978. We work very hard to provide the latest products at the lowest prices and specialize in Remote Control aircraft, boats, cars,  drones, astronomy and optical products. Our shop is located in Cumming GA just north of Atlanta and our company is known as a sole source, full circle supplier-meaning we supply factory direct equipment, fleet management, flight training, expert free consultation and FAA 107 test prep all in one place.

We encourage you to join our weekly newsletter for ongoing news, and special offers and want to thank you for supporting USA based Shops like ours; your patronage is supporting American families and your dollars are staying in the local community.

Our founder, Cliff Whitney is a Christian and lives by the golden rule. Cliff has been an aviation enthusiast from childhood and understands flight, as well as optical and imaging products. As both a private pilot with multiple ratings and being the former President of a national camera and photo imaging company he loves to spread the good word of Christ and of business entrepreneurship and finance to young students and those new to business. He teaches aviation summer schools and sponsors high school aviation programs.  Cliff is an author and Cancer survivor and aside from his knowledge of what he calls the hobby and fun side of our business Cliff brings a unique understanding of what needs to happen when on a professional assignment. He has created a total package solution from listening and understanding clients needs to delivering the best gear for those needs including flight training, operations, fleet management and receiving your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA. Mr. Whitney’s UAV Experts is the only company in the industry offering full circle solutions. UAV Experts has technicians on staff to assist with software upgrades and offers repairs an technical support on all of our products. In addition we have professional flight trainers and a dedicated commercial/industrial sales department.

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Check out some of our references. Some of our clients include National Geographic, the Weather Channel, General Electric, Talon Aerolytics, CoStar, Apartments.com, land.com, CNN, ABC, CBS and Fox News where we handle training, equipment sales and fleet management services. Additionally we have clients from most all industries including, real estate, tower inspection, roofing, the US defense department, Homeland Security, FEMA as well as many state and public entities including Emergency management, Public safety organizations and State highway Patrol agencies. Notably two of our students are movie star Tyler Perry and Phillip Grossman from PGP images who was the first pilot to fly a drone in Chernobyl and the Fukushima Nuclear power plants. We have also outfitted equipment and maintenance for the crew of the Walking Dead television series.

On behalf of all of the associates and their families at our shop, thank you for working with us!

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It is simple; we never charge your card until we ship. The only exception to this is with special orders, high demand products, and PayPal. PayPal does not allow the partial capture of a transaction and has a timeout mechanism that will cancel your order, so if all part of your order is backordered or the product is new and you are holding a delivery slot in the case of new and hot products, we will capture the full amount, ship what we have and ship the rest when the product is back in stock.

Low Price Promise

 Our low price promise is an assurance you that you are getting a best price from a real factory direct distributor. If you ever find a price lower than ours and that dealer is listed on the Mfg. site as an actual dealer, we would love to see it.

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We realize that customers are concerned about how the information they provide online will be used. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will use the information we collect only to process your order and provide a more personalized shopping experience. We do not sell or rent our list of customers to anyone, without their permission.

To continuously assess the value of our online shopping experience, we may track the way customers use our site; however, this information is analyzed only in the aggregate, and not at the individual level. To this end, the information you provide us will help us tailor our communications and product offerings so that you receive more of what you want and less of what you don't want when shopping with us.

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You are 100% protected against credit card fraud when you shop online with us. If after reading this information, you are still uncomfortable, please order via phone 678-513-4450. Our site utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology. Secure socket layers encrypt credit card information so it can't be read by anyone.

Manufacturer Warranty

All new products purchased on on our site are supplied with original manufacturer warranties.