AR20410TS 20 Channel Power Safe RX w/Synapse AS3X+/SAFE

AR20410TS 20 Channel Power Safe RX w/Synapse AS3X+/SAFE
AR20410TS 20 Channel Power Safe RX w/Synapse AS3X+/SAFE
AR20410TS 20 Channel Power Safe RX w/Synapse AS3X+/SAFE
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SKU: 100025840
Part #: SPMAR20410TS
UPC: 605482182512
MFG: Spektrum
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AR20410T 20-Channel PowerSafe Receiver with Synapse AS3X+ and SAFE Stabilization Module


The Spektrum™ AR20410T PowerSafe™ receiver is a feature-packed 20-channel receiver with full-range telemetry. Spektrum PowerSafe receivers are designed for models using numerous servos and accessories that draw excess current, such as those found on giant-scale airplanes and jet models. Now, with innovative features like fast boot recovery, regenerative servo support, remote sleep mode, and the all-new Synapse AS3X+ module.

The revolutionary Spektrum Synapse™ Flight Stabilization Module is vastly improved over its predecessor, the AS3000. Equipped with the all-new AS3X+ stabilization algorithm, the Synapse has been rigorously tested by experts throughout the hobby and has been put to the ultimate test. Spektrum has taken years of customer feedback on the AS3000 and purpose-built the Synapse with turbine aircraft and giant scale in mind. Its lightweight design and innovative features make it the ideal choice for pilots needing the best in-flight stabilization in today’s world of complex models.

Historically, pilots had to reduce the performance of stabilization systems by lowering gains to fine tune to their personal feel. Now, our new parameters of stop lock and release rate allow you to customize the feel of the gyro system while providing optimal stabilization performance.

With the Synapse we are introducing the ability to adjust AS3X+ and SAFE settings with 10 customizable channels for all flight controls. This allows pilots to precision tune their aircraft while in flight. Additionally, we’ve also added support for configuring auxiliary outputs, which means you can now stabilize outputs tied to mixes or other outputs that are separate from your traditional wing types. For example, if you had flaps that were set up to become ailerons using a mix and a flip of a switch, you can now configure those surfaces to have stabilization as well.

We've added support for multiple gyro systems within a single device. This provides the equivalent functionality of running multiple gyro systems or flight controllers within one system, allowing you to add stabilization to unique outputs such as thrust vectoring or canards without the need of buying an additional gyro. Changes were made to the gyro filtering for improved response time. This allowed us to essentially double the effectiveness of our gains in some cases. Ultimately, this helps to further increase aircraft stability in rough air.

Lastly, significant improvements were made to how heading hold mode operates. Now, transitions between user inputs and heading hold are more seamless which provides a more natural feel in flight. With the Synapse we've isolated the sensor in Synapse to combat against acoustic interference that might be seen in some turbine applications. All of that is wrapped in a beautiful aluminum case with three vibration-damped mounting points.

Paired with the new Spektrum AR20410T PowerSafe receiver, it is an incredible combo of advanced stabilization and cutting-edge electronics.

Spektrum AR20410T 20-Channel PowerSafe Telemetry Receiver Features:

  • Patented PowerSafe™ redundancy system with dual battery input ports with IC3 connectors. Perfect for power-hungry aircraft and high current servo applications drawing up to 35A (50A max burst)
  • Innovative power management system designed with sleep mode allowing pilots to remotely power on/off from the transmitter
  • Fast boot recovery technology allows the gyro system to be rebooted in flight upon any electrostatic discharge or power interruption, providing pilot control within milliseconds using a saved stabilization calibration
  • Regenerative servo support for any number of servos
  • Forward programming for easy adjustments to failsafe settings, servo frame rate settings, AS3X+ settings, and more
  • USB-C port for easy product registration and firmware updates
  • 12V capable for use with 12-volt servo applications (must be activated via Forward Programming)
  • Integrated battery capacity monitor automatically reports the battery capacity used during flight and can reset automatically when fully charged batteries are installed
  • Integrated Black Box telemetry log saves all telemetry data automatically when a Micro SD card is installed (Micro SD card not included)
  • Integrated status LED provides helpful information during start-up, including warnings and mode indicators
  • SRXL2 connectivity for easy, one-wire connection to supported devices
  • Ready to use with Spektrum Smart ESC for one-wire telemetry data without the need for modules, links, and wires
  • Receiver pack energy, voltage sensor, and flight log telemetry data available without the need for additional sensors
  • Temperature, imbalance, cycles, and cell voltage telemetry data available when using Smart batteries
  • When using an SPM4651T remote receiver, there is full-range telemetry with an integrated barometer providing altitude and vario telemetry without additional modules
  • Included Momentary Pushbutton allows booting or shutting down the system. However, shutting down the system requires a specific press-and-hold pattern to prevent accidental shutdowns in case the button fails or disconnects. The switch itself must not be substituted. Additionally, there is a power switch on the receiver itself that can be used instead
  • Rubber grommet hard mounts and minimalistic labeling help produce the cleanest model setups
  • Capable of high-speed 11ms frame rates. It can be boosted to 5.5ms, if the servo supports it, for improved stabilization when using Synapse
  • Binding is easier than ever, with four options to initiate the bind process
  • Integrated telemetry with built-in ports for RPM, flight pack voltage, temperature sensors, and X-bus for telemetry sensor expansion
  • Compatible with new Synapse AS3X+ / SAFE Flight Stabilization Module (SPMAS6000)
  • Compatible with all Spektrum DSMX transmitters
  • Not compatible with DSM2 AIRMOD JR Module (SPMMSJR720)

Spektrum™ Synapse™ Flight Stabilization Module Features:

  • The all-new AS3X+ stabilization algorithm provides the ultimate in-flight performance and feel
  • 20 stabilized outputs with increased sensor accuracy and data rate
  • Thrust vector and canard support with Spektrum’s new multi-gyro system (up to four independent gyro systems in one device)
  • Intuitive forward programming makes Synapse the easiest system to set up without the need for any external device
  • Machined aluminum and anodized case housing with three grommeted hard mounts
  • Gyro sensor is encased in sound and vibration reduction insulation designed for turbine applications
  • New parameters and new menus with forward programming
  • New Internally mounted locking cable design prevents any possible in-flight disconnection

In The Box:

(1) AR20410T 20-Channel PowerSafe Receiver
(1) SPM4651T SRXL2 Remote Serial Telemetry Receiver
(3) SPM9747 SRXL2 DSMX Remote Receivers
(1) 6" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(1) 12" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(1) 24" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(1) 36" SRXL2 Remote Receiver Extension
(2) Battery IC3 Connectors
(2) Charge Receptacles
(1) Aircraft Telemetry Volt Sensor
(1) Soft Switch
(1) Instruction Manual
(1) Synapse AS3X+ / SAFE Flight Stabilization Module
(3) mounting screws

Manufacturer #: 605482182512
Band: 2.4GHz
Input Voltage: 4V–12.6V
Product Height: 0.75" (19 mm)
Resolution: 2048 (4096 for Stabilization)
Application: Airplane
Bind Method: Bind Button, Bind Plug
Battery: Sold Separately
Product Length: 2.4" (61 mm)
SD Card/Airware Capable: Yes
Dimensions: Synapse Lead Length: 9" (229 mm)
Modulation: DSMX
Telemetry: Yes
Connector Wire Length: (2) IC3 Input Connectors with Smart Technology
Product Width: 2.72" (69 mm)
Technology: AS3X+, SAFE
Channels: 20
Failsafe: Yes
Product Weight: 2.82 oz (80g)
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