Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black

Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
Carbon Falcon - Quick Build, Pink/Black
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SKU: 100025319
Part #: Falcon-Pink/Black
MFG: Aloft
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Carbon Falcon - Quick Build: Pink/Black

The new Carbon Falcon is here and with this quick build kit all frame building steps are completed the servos are centered and fully installed. The motor propeller and ESC are also included. You only need to provide a battery (2s 800-100mAh) and your choice of receiver.

The CArbon Falcon is a fun, unique R/C flying wing utilizing wing warping for control and is highly portable when rolled up like a kite.

They've taken the original Carbon Falcon design from Ken at Ace Sim RC and reinvigorated it with modern R/C components, modern manufacturing and new materials and a few tweaks to improve flight dynamics. All of this and a flying weight below the FAA's 250 gram limit!

Ken was originally inspired to make a weight shift hang glider model, but he soon realized that weight shift handling is not very good on smaller models. After MANY designs he slowly refined what became the Carbon Falcon. Ken and his wife made over 1,000 copies on their kitchen table and sold them to countless folks all over the world. The models were well loved for their unique character, great looks and fun flying. Eventually one of the kits made it to Aloft Hobbies and we knew we had to bring this wonderful design back to life. We reached out to Ken and received permission and assistance to develop this new version. Our first version was flying within a week or so. Then the flight testing and modification process started. We kept refining until we were really happy with the design, we have had a great time, and can't wait for you to experience the same fun we have been having!

The lightweight and robust frame is mostly made from carbon fiber, that supports a colorful, high strength rip-stop fabric sail. The airfoil shape is provided by specially designed ply battens that don't lose their shape. The fabric we utilize is an advanced material designed in the USA for full scale sail boat spinnakers. The fabric and the frame design combines to make a VERY durable aircraft.

Unlike a conventional aircraft, the Carbon Falcon has no control surfaces. High torque servos drive torque tubes that warp the trailing edge for the maneuverability of a bird, making it look almost alive in flight.

As for flight characteristics, they're second to none and are excellent and very forgiving for beginner to advanced pilots alike. Lazily float around at walking pace or open up the throttle and zip around performing aerobatics. Loops, rolls, hammerheads and even inverted flight are all possible and rewarding. Thermal shenanigans or slope soaring in smooth lift are also options.

The Carbon Falcon is an excellent park flyer. If you are like us, you probably do not hand catch your models. The Falcon will probably be your exception, this plane is EASY to hand catch. The wing warping provides excellent low speed handling making her a dream to catch.

The Carbon Falcon is highly portable and ready to travel. Ever disassemble a kite? it's about the same and takes just a minute or two to roll up for storage and set back up for flying fun. When rolled the plane is a traveling dream! As Ken likes to say, it's the only plane you can carry in your pants pocket. (We suggest the 3x3x25 inch box we ship the model in.)

The plane was designed around a specific servo, so we include those in every kit as well as the power package. The little motor is a great match for this airframe. This is an overbuilt motor and we are not working it hard at all. It should last the life of the model with ease. We even designed skids into the motor mount to protect the motor. A 2S 800 or 1000 mah lipo is the minimum suggested battery, anything lighter will require adding additional nose weight to meet CG.

We think the Carbon Falcon is so pretty that we include a custom wall mount so you can proudly display your model when you aren't out flying her! (Optional table mount available.)

The Carbon Falcon makes a great night flier! Check out the optional night LED set.

Now available with Quick Build option. We complete the frame for you. All frame building steps are completed and servos are centered and fully installed. Ready for your electronics and a few simple steps to complete the sail.

Kit includes:
   •  Carbon frame parts (EZ to assemble)
   •  Pre-built Sail (available in a wide range of colors)
   •  2 High Torque Servos and Linkage Hardware
   •  Motor Mount motor, prop  and ESC
   •  Spare sail tensioning Bands
   •  Ply Sail Battens
   •  Wall Mount

Suggested items to complete:
   •  Simple Tools  
   •  Medium CA Glue
   •  Fine grit sandpaper


Wingspan (approx): 1092mm (43")
RTF Weight: 8oz (226g)
Wing Area: 360 sq. in. (2.5 sq. ft)
Recommended setup: Motor: Emax ECO 1407 3300kv
ESC: 12A
Prop: GWS 4.5x4
Battery: 2s 800-1000mAh (minimum)
Servos: 2x High Torque Servos (included)
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