Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex

Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
Rafale 80mm EDF PNP w/Reflex
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Super Scorpion 90mm EDF PNP with Reflex

Designed by the French Dassault company, the Rafale is a highly maneuverable delta-winged fighter with a full-flying canard. The excellent dogfighting, carrier operations and air to surface attack performance of the Rafale has allowed it to gain worldwide sucess.

Like its full-scale counterpart, the FMS 80mm Rafale features an attractive trim scheme, excellent scale details and fully functional canards- allowing the aircraft to be truly unique when compared to other 80mm EDF aircraft on the market today. Developed to replicate both the looks and performance of the real aircraft, FMS has dedicated it's decades long experience into designing the 80mm Rafale. Details such as the pilot, cockpit interior, panels, removable armaments, auxiliary fuel tanks, refueling probe, targeting sensor etc; dynamic features such as functional LED navigation and landing lights, CNC shock-absorbing electric retracts, functional canards and flaps etc.

Like all other FMS aircraft, the 80mm Rafale was designed to reduce build time to a minimum. Utilising screws, latches and quick connectors, experienced builders can complete the build process in as little as 5 minutes.

Functions such as delta-mixing, sequential landing gear bay doors, alternating flash navigation lights, nose gear landing lights, slowed flaps etc are all controlled by a central control board. An 80mm 12 bladed EDF with a platinum edition 3280 inrunner motor and 100A high performance ESC easily accomplishes fighter jets maneuvers with realistic sound and speed.

Don't miss out on your chance to own one of the best looking modern fighters- the FMS 80mm Rafale!


  • 3280-2100KV platinum edition inrunner motor with a high-performance 100A ESC
  • Delta wing design with full flying canards and functional flaps
  • CNC metal shock-absorbing landing gear
  • Functional navigation and landing lights
  • Central function controller
  • Functional and static details lovingly replicated
  • Water based vibrant trim scheme

Complete System Upgrade - Reflex V2 is Compatible with Most FMS Aircraft The Reflex V2 is a user-upgradeable flight controller. Reflex V2 can be reprogrammed easily with different model files via a simple software - allowing pilots to use the same flight control unit as they progress to different aircraft. Flying is simple when you have your very own “co-pilot” — the Reflex V2!

Reflex Functions Three flight modes are available: Stabilized, Optimized or Off. This is controlled with a two or three position switch on the transmitter. When assigned to a two position switch, the Reflex system changes between stabilized and optimized modes.

Stabilized mode: Designed for beginners, Reflex will rapidly level the aircraft from any attitude when this mode is activated. Stabilized mode combines accelerometer and gyro data to determine how to level the aircraft when the control sticks are released - giving pilots absolute peace of mind. Note: The aircraft will maintain level flight with 50-60% throttle, and the aircraft will climb under full throttle.

Optimized mode: Utilizing advanced solid-state gyros, the Reflex system maintains aircraft attitude by counteracting inflight upsets - for gusts to crosswinds. With Reflex, even small aircraft will fly with the confidence of something much larger!

Off: Turns off all gyro functionality, the aircraft is flown completely manually when the gyro is off.

Power Type: Electric
Servos: Included
Skill Level: Level 3
Wingspan: 38.3" (973 mm)
Charger: Sold Separately
Receiver: Sold Separately
Retracts: Included
Flaps: Yes
Approximate Assembly Time: 5 minutes
Approximate Flight Time: 3 minutes
Wing Area: 596.6 sq in (38.5 sq dm)
LiPo Compatibility: 6S
CG (Center of Gravity): 4.3 - 5.1" (110 - 130mm)
Completion Level: Plug-N-Play
Minimum Speed Control: 100A included
Recommended Motor Battery: 6S 22.2V 4000 - 5000mAh 45C LiPo with EC5 or IC5 connector
Product Weight: Approximately 7.23lbs (3280g)
Landing Gear: Electric retracts
Wing Loading: 0.17oz/sq in (85.2g/sq dm)
Battery: Sold Separately
Motor Size: 3280 2100Kv
Product Length: 55.5" (1410 mm)
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