Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle: Level 2, Frankeinstein

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle: Level 2, Frankeinstein
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Smart Egg - Series 2 FrankEinstein

The FrankEinstein is the most difficult single layer Smart Egg puzzle to solve. The Series 2, Level 2 FrankEinstein Smart Egg maze is not only a great toy for children and adults, but also a tool for developing spatial memory, skills, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Series 2 FrankEinstein Smart Egg maze consists of two parts - an egg-shaped body and a rod ending with balls on each side.

The FrankEinstein Smart Egg is a single layer puzzle and can be solved in 28 moves. It has a difficulty level of 15 on a scale of 3 to 15, with 3 being the easiest.

The stick is inserted into the egg from the top and you must guide it down through the bottom. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But inside the egg is a hidden labyrinth that you must find your way through. Find the path for the rod to solve the puzzle. Time yourself as you compete against friends.

Key Features of the Scorpion Series 1 Smart Egg Puzzle:
• Develops spatial memory and skill
• Improves problem-solving capability
• Involves logical thinking
• Consists of the egg and rod - no unnecessary parts
• Inside the egg is a maze through which you must manoeuvre the rod
• A simple concept, but one that will captivate for a long time!
• The puzzle is small so you can take it anywhere
• Black-Green print
• Suitable for adults and children from 6 years of age

The Smart Egg puzzles are a unique type of puzzle with a simple challenge – Get the wand out of the egg by following a path. It is a similar concept to metal puzzles in which you have to separate two pieces of seemingly impossible to separate metal by positioning the pieces in a certain way so they un-link.

The egg was invented by András Zagyvai (1960-2013), and was a result of many years of refinement work and design. He originally invented the puzzles for his children to help build their problem solving skills, but soon realised that, despite appearing incredibly simple and being such a simple concept, the Smart Egg has thousands of increasingly complex and interesting variations that haven’t even been created yet. In this way, the Egg is similar to the Rubik’s Cube – Looks relatively simple, yet can be infinitely complex.

In 2012 the "Washington Egg” won the "Best New Puzzle” award and from then on, the puzzle was known. Since then, more and more Smart Egg puzzles are being designed and released, and the attention from Rubik’s Cube competitions is helping the puzzle grow.

As the puzzle is relatively new (especially when compared to the age of the Rubik’s Cube), there aren’t anywhere near as many different variations as there could be. Eventually, the Smart Egg series will be incredibly large and far beyond anything that the inventor ever expected. The potential the puzzle has ensures that the Smart Egg is here to stay.

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