SkyID Remote ID Module

SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
SkyID Remote ID Module
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SKU: 100025515
Part #: SPMA9500
UPC: 605482168851
MFG: Spektrum
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Spektrum SkyID Remote Module

It is now easy for pilots of all skill levels and aircraft to become compliant with the latest unmanned aircraft rulings by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Add the SpektrumTM SkyID module to any aircraft, register on the FAA website, and you are instantly ready to go.

Horizon Hobby is committed to providing an easy solution to Remote ID (RID) for our customers, both new and old. Additionally, SkyID features GPS for pinpoint accuracy in the sky. The SkyID module is designed to make it easy to fly in compliance with the latest Remote ID mandates.

One way to think about SkyID and Remote ID is that it’s simply a digital license plate for the aircraft. It provides required information about the aircraft’s location and identification, which, if necessary, can be used by air traffic control or law enforcement to determine who and what is flying.

SkyID is compatible with aircraft that require RID and airplanes of almost any size and allows your aircraft to be tracked in real-time. SkyID allows you to be in compliance with the latest Remote ID mandates by offering a Direct and Broadcast RID solution via Bluetooth.

You can find more information regarding Remote ID Compliance on the FAA website:


  • FAA RID Compliant
  • FCC certified
  • Bluetooth 4 and 5 long range
  • Supports telemetry through SRXL2 and XBus
  • Weighing in at 14g, the module is incredibly tiny
  • Easy to use and install
  • 3.3V – 9V Input Voltage (requires power to operate)
  • Only requires power to operate (3-Pin Servo, 3-Pin ZH, or 4-Pin ZH Connector)
  • No extra cost or hidden fees to operate
  • Use when flying RC aircraft in areas not designated as FRIAs (FAA-Recognized Identification Area)
  • One SkyID module can easily be moved from one aircraft to another
  • Registration of the SkyID is completed through the FAA DroneZone website
  • Transmits aircraft ground speed, altitude, position, heading, distance, time and unique serial number
  • Can be mounted in any location or orientation in the aircraft
  • Compatible with non-Spektrum radio equipment

In The Box:
(1) SkyID Module
(1) 4-Pin ZH to 3-Pin Servo Connector
(1) 4-Pin ZH to 4-Pin ZH Connector
(1) 4-pin ZH to 3-Pin ZH Connector
(1) Hook and Loop Mounting Pad
(1) SkyID Module Product Manual 

Type: SkyID Module
Length: 1.376" (34.5mm)
Width: 0.89" (22.5mm)
Height: 0.71" (18mm)
Weight: 0.49oz (14.0g)
Input Connector Types: JST ZH connector - 4 Pin SRXL2/XBUS
Input Voltage: 3.0-9.0V
Bluetooth Support: BT 4 and 5 Long Range
GPS: GPS/GNSS Telemetry Sensor for Air
SRXL2: Supports telemetry through SRXL2 connections
XBus: Supports telemetry through XBus connections

Spektrum SkyID Module FAQ.

What is Remote ID?
Remote ID is the ability for an RC aircraft to provide identification and location information that can be received by other parties.

When do the FAA rules on Remote ID take effect?
RC pilots are required to comply after September 16th, 2023.

I only fly RC aircraft at AMA club fields, do I need a Remote ID module?
If you are flying at a designated FRIA (FAA-Recognized Identification Area), such as a club flying site, you do not need a SkyID Module, or any form of Remote ID. AMA-chartered RC clubs can apply for their flying site to be recognized by the FAA through AMA. Visualize it: See FAA UAS Data on a Map (

What is the Spektrum SkyID Module?
SkyID is Spektrum’s Remote ID Module that allows RC aircraft pilots to comply with the latest unmanned aircraft rulings by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

When do I need to use the SkyID module?
When flying RC aircraft in areas not designated as FRIAs (FAA-Recognized Identification Area). For more information on FRIAs, please visit:

Do I need to register my SkyID module with the FAA?
Yes. Users will need to register their SkyID module on the FAA DroneZone website.
Visit for more information and registration.

How do I use the SkyID module?
The SkyID module is very easy to use and install in most RC aircraft. Please follow the manual for complete installation instructions.

Do I need to purchase a SkyID module for each RC aircraft that I own?
No, you can easily move a SkyID module from one aircraft to another. Additionally, you don’t need a remote ID module in your aircraft if you are flying in a FRIA or flying a model that weighs less than 250g.

How do I register my SkyID Remote module?
The registration of the SkyID is completed through the FAA DroneZone website. After log-in into your account, launch the Drone Owners and Pilot Dashboard where you will add your Spektrum SkyID device with the serial number found on the label on the side of the SkyID.

Is the SkyID module only compatible with Spektrum receivers and electronics?
No, the SkyID module will work with non-Spektrum radio equipment.

How large is the SkyID module, and what does it weigh?
The SkyID is 1.376” (34.5mm) x 0.89” (22.5mm) x 0.71” (18mm) and weighs 0.49oz (14.0g)

What is included when I purchase the SkyID module?
Everything needed to operate your SkyID module is included. Here is a list of everything in the box:
(1) SkyID Module (SPMA9500)
(1) 4-Pin ZH to 3-Pin Servo Connector
(1) 4-Pin ZH to 4-Pin ZH Connector
(1) 4-Pin ZH to 3-Pin ZH Connector
(1) Hook and loop mounting pad

Does the SkyID module need to be mounted in a specific location or orientation?
The SkyID can be mounted in any location or orientation in the aircraft. On most aircraft, accessibility through the battery or canopy hatch is an ideal placement. Use the included adhesive hook and loop or double-sided tape.

How do I connect the SkyID module to my existing radio system?
They are multiple ways to connect the SkyID to your receiver. The options are:
   •  SRXL2 or XBus Telemetry Port
   •  Any open servo port operating at standard servo voltages.
   •  Please refer to the product manual for further details

What information does the SkyID module broadcast, and who can see it?
SkyID will transmits aircraft ground speed, altitude, position (latitude and longitude), heading, distance and time. SkyID will also transmit a unique serial number which can be used to identify your aircraft and its location. Various remote ID apps are available for mobile which may be used to identify the broadcast signals from the device.

Do any Spektrum receivers include Remote ID capability?
None of the Spektrum receivers include Remote ID capability.

Does my Ready to Fly (RTF), Ready to Fly (RTF-Basic), or Bind-N-Fly (BNF) aircraft have Remote ID installed?
None of our E-flite, HobbyZone, Blade or Hangar 9 aircraft are provided with a SkyID module or any other form of Remote ID. It is up to the user to comply with all laws for the operation of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).

Is there any extra cost to operate a SkyID?
No. You can operate the SkyID without any extra cost or hidden fees.

Where can I find more information about FAA Remote ID rule?
You can find more information about Remote ID on the FAA or AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) websites.

What are the power requirements for the SkyID module?
3.3V – 9V

Is the SkyID module weather-resistant?
No, the SkyID module is not weather resistant.

What is the operational range of the SkyID module?
This will be dependent on operational conditions.

Is the SkyID module compatible with all types of RC aircraft?
Yes, all it requires is power to operate.

What is the warranty period for the SkyID module?
1-Year Limited warranty

Are software updates required for the SkyID module, and how can they be performed?
The SkyID module can be updated using the Spektrum USB Programmer and PC Programmer application. Similar to other Spektrum products, please visit for more information on firmware updates.

What are the potential penalties for non-compliance with the FAA Remote ID regulations?
Non-compliance could lead to fines and other more severe legal penalties.

How does the SkyID module impact the performance or flight characteristics of the RC aircraft?
Should not be noticed in any way during flight, on very light models it may have a small affect on performance due to the small added weight.

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