Research Vessel

Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
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MFG: UGears
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UGears Research Vessel

The tide is right to reel in your heavy anchor and sail full speed towards exciting marine discoveries with the UGears Research Vessel. This deep sea exploratory model can be enjoyed by marine scientists of all ages. No matter how little your interest for deep sea exploration is, this vessel can spark your curiosity and offer much entertainment. 

This nautical model is reminiscent of classic scientific documentaries and historical biographies of brave marine explorers. Although tinged with past marine wonders, the Research Vessel is a formidable model of the giant icebreakers and survey boats sailing across the oceans today. Your new boat is equipped with everything you need to execute sound oceanic research: a bathyscaphe for deep-sea exploration, a small motor-boat for minor excursions, a life boat for emergencies, a drop ramp, an opening hold hatch, and many other essential elements found in real-life sea vessels. This model also features a swing jib crane that can manage cargo for your hold hatch and hoist your bathyscaphe from your vessel. With the swing jib crane, you can guide your bathyscaphe out of the deep sea and onto a special extension platform.

All parts of the Research Vessel are made of high-quality eco-friendly plywood that is pre-cut with laser precision. No additional tools or glue is required to build this nautical beast. Embarking on the fun assembly of this vessel will be truly rewarding. The “skeleton” design of the Vessel’s body allows the hold and engine room to be visible from the outside. You will be able to view how she can power through vast oceans. The mechanical energy driving the model is produced by a rubber-band motor mechanism and managed by a pendulum. This vessel even imitates the sounds of a diesel engine created by a clever internal gear arrangement.

The gear system also allows the vessel to move at a smooth and stately pace. Furthermore, this mechanical ship model has three functional movement modes – forward, turn, and automatic maneuvering. These modes are controlled by a manual lever that you can switch as you captain your vessel through intrepid sea adventures. Feel free to create “ice” obstacles or deep sea “creatures” for your vessel to discover – this model can certainly handle the job. By activating the wind-up mechanism, you get the opportunity to see this vessel in action as it moves on its own. Both its entertaining function and beautiful form make this Research Vessel a wonder to behold and an ornamental delight for your home or office.

The ocean is calling you to reveal its mysterious dark depths. Smell the tangy salt, feel the brisk winds, and cover countless nautical knots. Be the next fearless sea captain of the UGears Research Vessel!

Model Size:

15.2 x 4.3 x 9.8 in

Package size: 14.6 x 6.7 x 1.7 in
Number of parts: 575
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 8 hours
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 2.19 lbs
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